Winning in Wynnum!

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While technically we don’t live in Wynnum, we do live just a few minutes down the road at Manly but we love the whole area!.

We’re refugees of the inner city northside’s traffic chaos, noise and stress and think our sea change to Brisbane’s seaside is one of the best moves we ever made.  Wynnum is only 30-40mins (depending on traffic and the route you take) away from the heart of Brisbane yet it feels worlds away.  The smell of the sea air, the relaxed atmosphere, the kilometers of  esplanade walkways that are dotted with parks, the weekend markets all conspire to make Wynnum a fantastic place to escape to on the weekend.  And many people do. Some days the esplanade is busier than Queen St with families on bikes, kids on trikes, skateboards, and scooters, people walking their dogs or just going for a leisurely stroll in the sunshine (while sometimes dodging families on bikes, kids on trikes, skateboards and scooters!)

While there isn’t much white sand and typical beachfront, there are a few small beach-like areas to swim along the shore,  and there is a fantastic free tidal swimming pool, with toilets and bbq areas near the jetty that is enjoyed by young and old in the summer months. During the colder months only a few kilometers away there is the heated Manly Swimming Pool.  So definitely bring your swimmers if your heading this way for the day!

Not everyone is into bird watching, but if you are a birder pack your binoculars and cameras because the tidal mud flats found here in both Wynnum and Manly are great for bird watching, particularly at low tide.  There are so many different species to be seen, White Faced Herons, Pied Oyster Catchers, Pelicans, Avocets, and Godwits just to name a few.  There is also the fantastic mangrove board walk and bird hide to visit too!

If shopping is more your thing then Bay Terrace might be the place for you.  Along it’s length there are many interesting and quirky little shops to while away your hours and spend your dollars. There’s a book exchange literally bursting at the shelves with books, unique coffee shops with cozy corners and comfy couches, a surprising amount of hair salons and a shop that rents shelf space to local artists and collectors of the weird and wonderful.  This is definitely the shop to head to if you love vinyl records, vintage clothing and vintage post cards, hand crafted jewelry or if you collect old trading cards or clothing patches! So many different things within four walls!

Wynnum Chamber of Commerce supporter David Bateson with one of the stickers from the Wynnum Brisbane's Seaside competition. Source: Quest Newspapers -

Okay so It’s obvious I love where I live and if you do too now’s the time to show it!  The Wynnum Chamber of Commerce is giving you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes over the next six months.  All you have to do is grab one of  the bumper stickers shown in the picture above, stick it on your car and hope that one of the Chambers spies sees you cruising around with it. If they do then your rego number goes into the draw for the monthly prize. This month the prize is dinner for two at the new Wynnum Italian restaurant Casa di Louie in Bay Terrace.

And not only that but the six winners over the six months will also go into a draw to win a free cruise for up to 10 people in Moreton Bay aboard the famous, 49ft Spirit of Koomooloo.  Let me tell you living on Moreton Bay and having sailed Moreton Bay that this is an opportunity not to be missed!

You can grab your stickers from the Wynnum Chamber of Commerce offices in Florence Street, Wynnum or simply keep your eyes peeled when shopping locally as many retailers will have the stickers available on their counters.

You can read more about the competition here and here!


January – where’d it go?

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Every new year I think to myself  This year is going to go slower, i’m going to live more in the moment and it’s going to feel longer.

But each new year seems to go just as quick as the last year, if not quicker! And as if to prove my point we’re at the end of January already.

Here are some things I did in January.

1. Stacked and re-stacked the fridge about 30 times.

Perfectly packed!


2. Completed the Wynnum 10,000 steps challenge with only two huge blisters, some sunburn and complete exhaustion to show for it.


10,000 steps = 1 bloody long walk!


3. Found some rather sad and neglected looking boats in Wynnum creek, a place we call ‘the boat graveyard’…for obvious reasons.


A sad sight to see


Creative seating solution


4. Went to Bundaberg to join Ben’s family as they returned Pop home to the sea at one of his favourite fishing spots, Coonarr beach.

Pop returning home


5. Sweltered in hot, windless conditions,  during which the ships cat found some adorable positions to try and cool down.


The ships cat trying to sleep and cool down


6. Had a movie day, thanks to a supply of girlie movies from my Mum and a large bottle of home brew scotch from my Dad.


A girlie movie day


7. Ate a whole tub of ice cream, with Ben’s help of  course, well if truth be told he ate most of it.  But he had to, Tygress has no freezer and you can’t waste ice cream!


Ice cream treat.


8. Discovered some interesting new ways to enjoy Bundaberg rum, gotta say I loved the sarsaparilla and Bundy Red combo. My only complaint…the bottles aren’t big enough!


Discovering new ways to enjoy rum


There were of course a few unpleasant events as well

1. Ex tropical Cyclone Oswald came, destroyed and left

2. Found what we think is some rot in the cockpit plywood

If (1) is considered a complete cluster-whoopsie of a month and (10) is considered a month full of happiness, sunshine and success then I would rate January as a 6/10.  How was your January?

Bring on February!