These things I miss

Posted in: Living aboard on Sunday, January 13th, 2013

1. Ice

Probably not something you expect to find at the top of the list but believe me it’s one little luxury that is hard to live without especially if you like a couple of chunks in your afternoon scotch.  Without it my scotch is luke warm within minutes, a pale, syrupy imitation of how the Gods intended such a nectar to be enjoyed.   However there is hope of having this frosty delight in my beverages again.  As soon as our Eutectic fridge comes online our Waeco will be turned from a fridge into a freezer and the first things in will be my ice cube trays.

2. Air Conditioning

Need I say more? It’s safe to say that this is the first summer that I’ve actually experienced fully in all it’s humid, sticky, sweaty oven baked horror.  Without air conditioning there is nowhere to hide from it, even sitting directly in front of a fan provides no escape.  I have heard tales of other lucky boaties that have air conditioners on board but I don’t think that’ll ever be us, at least not with our current boat.

3. Our Queen Size Bed

The main berth just isn’t cutting it in terms of space and comfort not like our old slice of heaven back at home.  When we were sleeping in the V-berth dreaming of the time we could sleep in the main berth it seemed much bigger, it was going to be the solution to all of our sleeping problems.  But since we’ve switched over it feels more cramped than the V-berth and I’ve definitely drawn the short straw when it comes to the better side of the bed. Especially since it seems I have to share with the ships cat most nights.  If i’m not whacking my leg against the cockpit recess or fire extinguisher as I sleep i’m knocking my head on the too-close-wall when I roll over.  But the really sad part is that I misjudged the berth size when I bought all this beautiful expensive linen, and as apparently it’s closer to a single than a double nothing fits except the pillow cases.

4. Standard Land-based Plumbing 

Sure there are toilets at the marina and we do have a marine head aboard Tygress but I miss the proximity and reassurance of my own flushing toilet.  To most people a toilet is a toilet but to those few of us that harbour certain neurotic, irrational fears about unfamiliar toilets then a marine head is a construct of pure terror on par with porta-potties and aeroplane toilets.

5. A Full Size Kitchen

It’s almost enough to make me weep when I think of all that bench space I took for granted, or how I considered packing and unpacking the dishwasher a chore and how I managed to fill all those wonderful cupboards with so much crap that I never used. Today I have barely a fifth of that bench space and I certainly don’t have a dishwasher and I can barely fit the things I need into the few cupboards that I have.  Add on top of that the nagging worry that I’ll block the seacock in the galley with detritus from the washing up water and sink the boat. I miss my kitchen.

I’m sure I could make a much longer list but these a the big items I find myself missing the most on a regular basis. What are some of the things that you’d miss?