Laundry Day

Posted in: Featured, Living aboard, Marina Life on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

In my land life I hated laundry and didn’t do it as often as I should have. Consequently there was usually a giant pile of it lurking around somewhere.  Which didn’t bother me too much as I had a large selection of clothes to choose from.

When we moved aboard Tygress we had to downsize our wardrobes considerably, a lot of our clothes were just not practical for boating life not to mention we don’t have a lot of space aboard to store clothes.  All of this means I have to actually do my washing regularly,it also means we have redefined our concept of dirty clothes.  Once one or two wears would count as dirty, now though, dirty is defined as ‘obvious stains and/or emitting unpleasant odours’.

My cute, fully automatic washing machine

Even with our extended wear periods I still have to do laundry more than I like.  Thankfully though it’s not too hard to do the washing while berthed at a marina.  Especially since my MIL bought us a cute little 2.5kg fully automatic washing machine.  It won’t be much use to us cruising (I have a a small hand cranked washing machine for that, also thanks to the MIL) but for our current life at the marina it’s perfect.  It’s light and easy to manoeuvre, there’s plenty of space to use it in the cockpit and thanks to Skipper’s handy work it fits snuggly under the companionway stairs when not in use.

All I have to do is plug it into a water supply (garden hose) and power point (our power board connected to shore power) and away she goes.  I use an environmentally friendly detergent that can be safely drained overboard and has the added benefit of keeping my conscience light and guilt free.

You might ask why I don’t use the marina’s laundry facilities.  And I would answer that I would if they weren’t so expensive, $4 a load of washing and $4 to dry your clothes.  So I hang my washing out to dry on the lifelines, thankfully the sparrows have seen fit not to crap on it. You’d be surprised how quickly the washing dries on a sunny day, and even quicker when there is a breeze blowing.  So far I haven’t lost anything overboard, barring one blue peg which hopefully Neptune can find a use for.

Our clothes out to dry on the starboard lifelines.