Baby on a Boat?

Posted in: Baby on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

It’s the question on everyone’s mind.

How will you raise a baby on a boat? You don’t intend to stay on board now that you’re having a baby? What will you do with the boat, will you move back to land? Where will you put everything? Can I buy tickets to the show?

These are just some of the questions that get asked out loud. Goodness knows what goes through peoples heads, but their faces raise a lot more doubt and disbelief when they find out our plans to raise our baby on a boat.

Let them doubt and question. We know how crazy our plan sounds to others and we’re okay with it. Besides who isn’t a little crazy these days.

In fairness it does sound like a pretty crazy plan although we prefer bold, audacious, brave or even a little off beat.

We think the idea is just crazy enough to work. In fact we know it’s just crazy enough to have worked for others. And it’s those trail blazers, those crazy parenting pioneers that give us the courage to raise a child in a life less ordinary.

Welcome onboard

We knew even before we bought our beloved first boat that the long term plan for us would include raising our children in the cruising life. We also knew that we’d have to eventually buy a different boat for that to be possible. Those who know us or follow us on social media or read this oft-neglected blog will know that earlier this year we did just that. And in a happy twist of fate we fell pregnant not long after (the wonders of a proper size bed!)

For this plan of ours to stand the best chance of working our ‘baby boat’ had to meet specific criteria.

It had to have an aft cabin that would provide a separation of living and sleeping spaces unlike our old boat where living and sleeping were one and the same. The new boat had to have a better equipped galley with a fridge and freezer and an oven. It also needed to have a functional and functioning head with a hot/cold shower and toilet. It was important that Ben be able to sail it short handed and not least of all it had to have a space that could serve as a nursery for our little one.

What we found not only met all those expectations but far exceeded them. Runaway Moon is the perfect little home for our baby to spend her first few years.

We don’t know what those first few years will bring but we know that like any new parents be they land based or water borne we will face plenty of challenges. Some that are unique to us and the life we’ve chosen to lead and others that are universal to all new parents. Our little one will completely change how we live in our small space. She will push us to the edge of our patience not only with each other, but with her and with our boat. She will test the strength of our relationship. She will require us to sacrifice even more material things to make room for her.  But most of all she will fill the limitless space in our hearts to bursting, so that all of the above will hardly seem to matter.