Freedom Calling

Posted in: Featured on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Freedom Calling  – Colin Hay

If you hear a voice call out your name
Saying you can stop yourself from falling
And if he strikes you in his fear and shame
Well you can leave him to his ruin

If your dreams they wake you in the night
And your heart it is a pounding
If you cry out as you wake in your fright
And the wind it is a-howling

Maybe it’s time to find another place
Where nobody even knows your face
There is no need to be afraid
For it’s only freedom calling

If your tears begin to overflow
As you walk against the undertow
There is no need to be afraid
For it’s only freedom calling

If you’re sad ‘cause you’re all alone
And your hands they are a shaking
And your miracle cure’s not working anymore
And the flood bank’s close to breaking

Suddenly you’re on an open unknown road
Passing all the heavy, long wide loads
It is time to make your great escape
And you can hear your freedom calling

I want to dive into the sea of love
But my knees they are a quaking
I can see myself high up above
And there’s no time left for faking

I no longer need to understand
What it is to truly be a man
Only when I gave up on my masterplan
Did I then hear freedom calling

Did I then hear freedom calling


The picture of our freedom

Ben found this song very early in our journey and I can still remember the incredible way that it moved us. We listened to it for the first time while sitting in the dark on our lounge room couch. Every word vibrated through me, by the end I was in tears and so emotionally charged that I could have run outside yelling at the stars, the moon and the passing traffic ‘YES I hear my freedom calling, I hear it and I will answer!’.

It has become our anthem. It has rallied us when energy and hope were flagging. It inspires us when the times are hard and our goals still feel so far away. Plus it has bagpipes! And who doesn’t love bagpipes?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I listened to it over the dying months of my working life while walking through busy Brisbane streets crushed in the press of fellow workers, or sitting on the bus stuck in traffic visualising tropical islands drifting by and white sand between my toes .  Thank goodness music these days is digital because if it was on a tape I would’ve played it to death.

I post it so that you may listen and perhaps hear your own freedom calling.


“Only when I gave up on my masterplan, did I then hear freedom calling”