Sunday Sampler – Recommended reading for the week ahead

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Blogs we Follow

The Art of Hookie – Living and Voyaging on a Small Sailboat – This guy takes a minimalist liveaboard lifestyle to the next level. His posts are always well written and feature great pics so take the time to check this one out.

LittleCunningPlan – How i’m Going to Spend my Summer Vacation! I mean it! – Mike and Melissa are trying to break free from land and sadly not having much luck, but this summer they’re going sailing come hell or high water!

Forge Over – Life Like a Story – Live the story you want to keep reading.

Zero to Cruising –  A Tragic Coincidence – Warning! Heartbreaking pictures ahead, fire on board is one of my biggest fears and a sad reality for the owners of this boat.

Content from my Triberr Tribemates

We said go travel – Australia the Climb – Taking tree climbing to whole new heights.

02809 Photography by Ed King – Peace, Passion and Serenity with Nautical Photography  – A stunning image entitled ‘Harbour Lights’

Destination Unknown – 10 More Signs i’m Back in Australia – As the title suggests, 10 signs that you know you’re back home in Australia. Hello beetroot and chicken salt!.

Fellow Blogathon Blogger Blog Posts 

What’s to Eat – The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Recipes for Wizards and Muggles – Stop by and read the blog post but make sure to take a peek inside the book itself at Amazon, this muggle wouldn’t mind trying a few of these recipes herself!

Herb in Kitchen – Everything is Better with Butter -I couldn’t agree more and this post contains ideas for getting creative with butter flavours. Add herbs, or make it sweet, butter can be so much more than just plain old butter.

Rossandra White – There’s a Goat in Them Hills – Goats, weird and cute at the same time. We once had a stray goat rock up at home in suburban Brisbane, it was a neighbours pet from a few streets away. True Story.

The Simple Life – The Many Uses and Benefits of Epsom Salts – Wow, after reading this I’ve got to get me some epsom salts.

Well there you go folks, some interesting reading to get stuck into. Let us know what you think. And if you write a blog you think we should read or follow a good one and want us to check it out then speak up and leave a comment below.  Have a great week all!


They typed what?

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A selection of weird and wacky search terms that have led people to Blue Water Dreaming

Cat washing machine under the sea – a what now? We most certainly do not have a cat washing machine under the sea. Although, have you ever tried to wash a cat? Having a machine would make it a lot easier, but i’m still confused why it would be under the sea.

Yellow painted toenails – I hope never the reach the point where I’m blogging about the colour of my toenails, which just in case you’re interested are presently painted blue!

A wet man does not fear the rain – How very zen!

Fluffy the destroyer – This one made me laugh, the only thing our Fluffy is the destroyer of is a peaceful nights sleep.

Automatic car washing machine – Well this one makes a little more sense. Automatic car washing machines do exist, I know because I’ve been freaked out inside the car as we’ve gone through one. Not sure why we’d turn up in search results for them though. The mysteries of Google.

Glow in the dark alcohol – Yes please! But you’ll have to buy because we don’t have any, have never had any and definitely have never blogged about having any, I would remember glow in the dark alcohol. Unless of course I drank too much of it.

I’m a grown woman I can do whatever i want – Good for you! More power to you.

Sunshine legend 4000 BBQ – This one is thoroughly confusing, but I can confirm that we do indeed have a BBQ.

best photo ever taken – Why thank you! I tend to agree myself, but out of curiosity which photo exactly is the best photo ever taken?

Big bang top blue hair – I have thought about dying my hair blue. Yes Mum, you read correctly, blue, bright blue! So maybe that’s what this one is about, but then how would Google know. Spooky!

Breast closeup – You’ll get no such thing! The nerve, there are no breasts on our site. Strictly family friendly content only.

I don’t understand anything about my entire life – I’m sorry to hear that, how can we help?

Wet noodle lashing – I have never lashed anyone with a wet noodle in my life and I certainly wouldn’t blog about it! Wet noodle lashings are an intensely personal thing and should be kept that way.

Do you manage a blog/website? What weird and wacky search terms have lead people to you?


WordCount 2013 Blogathon

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A blog post a day for the month of June. That’s what the WordCount 2013 Blogathon is all about.

Not being a daily blogger, writing a post a day for the 30 days of June will be a challenge, but hopefully a rewarding one and one that will definitely be fun.

Who and/or what is WordCount?

The who is Michelle V. Rafter a reporter, editor, and blogger that specializes in finance, business, workplace issues, and media. The what is WordCount: Freelancing in the Digital Age. The WordCount blog was launched by Michelle in 2008 and was created to chart the changes in digital media and the effects those changes have on what news is and how journalists and freelancers cover it. This is the 6th annual WordCount blogathon that Michelle has run and this year has seen a total of 213 blogs signed up to participate.

What do I hope to achieve by taking part in the blogathon?

Well nothing terribly grand other than I’d like to grow our reader base and hopefully stimulate more interaction in our comment sections. I hope to improve my writing skills and posting frequency, eventually showing the world that I’m a serious blogger, a good writer and one worth paying to write stuff. Did I miss anything…oh yeah, world peace!

Like I said, nothing terribly grand.

What to write about?

Coming up with potential topics is a brain strain but it pays to be prepared right? So at this stage I plan to blog about daily life here on the boat; the different chores to be done, the maintenance required, the pro’s and con’s.  And maybe some philosophical stuff about the ‘why’ we live this life thrown in for good measure, some new recipes we’ve tried cooking in our tiny galley and a book review or two.

So stick with us and hopefully we can make June a month of good reading!


A photo of Fluffy and I, just because.



Anzac Day

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It is on this day that we all come to remember and appreciate the privileges we have today and more importantly, why we have them. Throughout the world and even in our own country, Australia is largely over looked when it comes to its contributions in history. We forget that the ANZACS have always answered the calls for help from around the world and have set the bar high for the standard of soldiering with their mateship, courage, endurance and sacrifice.

In world War 1 we were thought to be used for nothing but garrison duties and supply line maintence. By the end of the war the Anzacs were the leading force in defeating the Germans and had suffered a casualty rate throughout the war of 65.7%, the highest rate of any nation in the war.

We often come to forget moments in history where Australia and New Zealand have both punched well above their weight and left the competition running away with a bloody nose. We forget such moments in time as the Battle of Kokoda where just 2000 Australian militia had stalled the advance of close to 10 000 Japanese soldiers. We forget the Battle of Dernancourt in France where, in 1918 just 4000 Australian soldiers repelled and counter attacked a German force of 25 000.

“The Anzacs are the bravest things God’s ever created” – Unnamed British Officer after the battle of Lone Pine.

So as we all enjoy some time off today, lets not forget the ever lasting legacy that the Anzacs have left us and will continue to leave us.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest We Forget.

This was written by my brother James who’s turning into a fine writer. I thought it fitting to post it here on the day we Australians commemorate the sacrifices and bravery of our ANZACS.

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