A soul set free

Posted in: Family on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Beautiful Coonarr Beach

We drove in silence for a few minutes taking in the scenery and no doubt thinking back on the mornings poignant events.

“How do you think that went?” I asked Bens’ Mum Marg.

“I thought it went well, I think now his soul has been set free…and it was a lovely day for it”

We were on our way back from Coonarr Beach, a beautiful undeveloped paradise not far from Bundaberg.  We had been there to scatter the ashes of Marg’s father Bert or Pop as he was known to most of us. In life Pop had loved to fish Coonarr beach and his family thought it fitting that he be returned to the waters of the fishing grounds he loved so well.

He was to be returned home to the sea.

And the sea was beautiful that day for Pop, clear, warm and sparkling in the morning sun, forever enriched by his return home.


The family gathered to return Pop home to the sea