A plan is hatched…

Posted in: Breaking Free on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Yesterday the course of our lives changed.  A magical new expanse of horizon opened up in our future.  A horizon filled with sparkling blue waters, pure white sand, white sails and shared adventures.

Being made redundant late 2010 gave my partner Ben time to think, time to reflect on his future and where it was heading.  He doesn’t want life to return to what it was; the pointless grinding rat race, the traffic, the stress, the unfulfilled feeling  that lingers at the end of each day.  He doesn’t want our lives to become that.

So we’re jumping off the hamster wheel.  We’re breaking free! We’ll we’re going to give it our best shot.

Our bold escape will take careful planning, lots of research and intensive training.  But it’s bloody exciting.  We’re excited about our future in ways i’ve never experienced and I”m sure Ben hasn’t either.  It’s just so damn bright, sunny and blue.

People will say we’re crazy, small minds will try and bring us down and tie us to small lives.  But i’ve got news for them.

The only opinions we care about are each others and those of our family and friends.  It’s from them that we’ll get all the love and support we’ll need to keep our dream afloat.  We have always strived to do the right thing by other people, so why not for ourselves this time when it feels so right.

At the end of the day, succeed of fail, we can sit back proud in the knowledge that at least we gave it our best shot.  Which is all anyone can do, right?