May – Does not compute

Posted in: End of Month Recap on Saturday, June 1st, 2013

We’re slipping further and further into Winter weather as evidenced by the year’s first appearance of tracky daks (or tracksuit pants) and ugg boots. Ah happy days.  I love a comfy pair of tracky daks and big warm slippers, who doesn’t? Hey i’m in my 30’s, I live on a boat, style is becoming less and less of a priority.

I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather making me inactive or just a plain old case of burnout but I’ve barely touched the computer this month.  I’ve let my blogging fall by the wayside. I’ve hardly tweeted (but oddly enough have been gaining followers). Facebook and Google+ have rarely been updated.    That doesn’t mean nothing has happened this month.  Let’s review the month that has been May…

1. May like all the months before it was a month rich in the bounty of fish n chips. Although due to our lack of vehicular transport we could not get to our usual fish n chip place, Corner House Fish and Chips. Thankfully though there is a place within walking distance that fry’s up an equally delicious feast, Baywatch Cafe. Sadly though for the men out there, despite it’s name it is not staffed by busty blondes in red swimsuits. Hot tip – order their tartare sauce and avoid the garlic chicken balls!


Baywatch Cafe - a good feed

2. My knitting project deadline is fast approaching  but I have found myself stumped by broken rib edging.  A simple enough stitch but proving hard to master with increases on each end. So May was spent perfecting mattress stitch, picking up stitches, increasing stitches left, increasing stitches right and broken rib stitch.  Thank goodness for YouTube! Below is my successful attempt, I love love love the rainbow wool. (An in depth account of my latest project will be posted on Blue Water Dreaming’s sister site, Stitches and Sails).


Broken rib edging


3. Mother’s Day was in May and resulted in our first photo canvas order.  We hope the first of many. Eventually we’ll have the facilities on our site to order any of our photos on canvas.  These ones pictured are 30cm x 20cm and cost $35, a great gift for mothers day.


Our first photo canvas order


4. Boat improvements continued on through May with the laying of our new carpet.  We finally replaced the crappy old off cut that was there when we bought Tygress (before and after post coming soon). Granted carpet is not the most practical choice for a boat but we couldn’t afford the imitation teak flooring that my heart so desired.  And with a steel boat we feel that carpet will provide extra insulation from the cold during winter and also provide some sound insulation as we live loud.  The new carpet feels wonderful underfoot, only cost us approx $120, has a 5 year warranty, and is heavy duty stain resistant. But most importantly it’s blue!


5 year warranty, stain resistant, heavy duty and a pretty blue!


5. May was a month for making new friends of the feathered squawking variety.  One of the fun things about boat living for me has been feeding the fish with our left over bread but recently the local seagulls have cottoned onto the free feed and have joined in.  These brazen fellas unhappy with their share started muscling in on the bread thrown into the water for the fish.  Gross if you ask me, soggy bread is the worst!



6. Not only a month for new feathered friends, May was also a month for visits from old family friends and meeting new online friends in person.  We caught up with the lovely family from Adventure of a Lifetime one sunny Sunday and spent a few hours getting to know them, hearing first hand about their adventures here in Queensland and sharing stories of our boat life and our big plans with them.  Blog post to come.

7. I also got creative in the kitchen and tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest which I’ll post in our From the Galley section later this month. Behold my Lemon and Red Onion Pork!


Red Onion and Lemon Pork

May held it’s frustrations and disappointments also

a) Our more-trouble-than-it’s-worth car needed to have it’s engine replaced at a cry-in-your-pillow-at-night cost.  So that takes the tally up to two accidents and one new engine. Fortunately though our potential buyer remains keen and we’re on track to sell her come end of June.

b) The wretched weather!  Never before in my life has the weather held so much of my life to ransom. Weeks of sun before we could afford to have the windows replaced and hatches serviced.  Of course now that we have the money and paid the deposit we’ve had nothing but showers and unpredictable grey skies. It’s enough to make you cry, curse the Gods and seriously consider becoming a land lubber again….well I may have overstated that last part.

If (1) is considered a complete cluster-whoopsie of a month and (10) is considered a month full of happiness, sunshine and success then I’d rate May an 7.

How was your May?




  1. Melissa says:

    Have to say I am impressed with the knitting and with the carpet. They both look great and I know you are going to love having that carpet . I’ll bet it makes the boat feel more like a land based home. Our May has been fraught with disappointment as Moonrise is still on the market. I haven’t blogged too much as we have something wrong with the site due to someone hacking it and Mike is working overtime trying to find out where the security leak is. Grrr!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Melissa, so sorry to hear of your blogging troubles, how lucky are we though to have partners who can come to the rescue. I hope Mike can get it fixed soon.

    Thanks for your kind words about my knitting, I love anything to do with needles and thread but am especially taken with knitting at the moment.

    The carpet is fantastic, as you say it does make the boat feel more homey, it was a good choice. We just didn’t like any of the marine carpets available, they were either too coarse or too ugly. And our boat is our home so aesthetics is as important to us as practicality. And this is a nice blend of both.

    I wish you continued good luck selling Moonrise, my fingers are still crossed. But moving her seems to have been a good decision. Thanks for reading and commenting, Big Hugs!

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