April – Long ago

Posted in: End of Month Recap on Friday, May 17th, 2013

 Okay so April ended 17 days ago and i’m only posting my wrap up now. Slack I know. May has been characterised by a complete antipathy towards blogging and writing and being in front of the computer in general.  Writing this wrap up has been harder than normal. Partly because April feels so long ago and partly because i’m out of the habit of turning thoughts into words.  So forgive me if it lacks it’s normal pizzazz…I give you April.

1. Live karaoke craziness. After walking up the road for dinner one Sunday night we could hear singing or caterwauling ranging from “Gee they’re nailing that song” to “somebody put that cat out of it’s misery” coming from our local pub. Feeling spontaneous after a few drinks we headed inside to check it out, sure enough we’d stumbled upon a bonafide pub karaoke session and boy was it fun! Not everyone was a great singer but what they lacked in talent they made up for in enthusiasm and chutzpah. Some singers were downright hilarious with their ad lib additions to songs and others were amateur karaoke stars.  We’re definitely going back one night, and Ben may even belt out a tune himself.

Our local - The Manly Hotel

2.  Enjoyed morning coffee walks along the foreshore on the weekends with Ben. Good coffee + great company + beautiful location = lovely relaxing weekends!

3. April was another month featuring beautiful sunsets and dark horizons.

A molten gold sunset

Time to batten down the hatches.

4. We went on a train ride to visit Ben’s family in Bundaberg to celebrate his birthday.  A four hour trip on Queensland’s Tilt Train service at times reaching speeds of up to 161km/hr.  That’s not to say we didn’t have problems. Before we even left Brisbane there was a signal fault on the train line, which lead to a lengthy bus trip followed by a lengthy wait at a distant train platform before we finally got on our way. After that we had a good trip, I’ll take a train over a plane any day.  It was great to see Ben’s family and catch up at a birthday dinner in his honour.

The tilt train arriving into station

  5. Bundaberg wasn’t all happy tidings though. There was some sad reminders of January’s flood crisis like these heartbreaking mangled boats along the river. We took a drive through North Bundaberg to look at the devastation and even though curiosity is a natural human instinct you can’t help but feel like dirty, shameful voyeur driving past looking through the window at peoples destroyed homes and livelihoods.

Broken boats, broken homes, broken dreams

 6. Ben tried his hand at kayak fishing aided by his newly installed fish finder, he’s such a handy bloke. The fish finder worked brilliantly but sadly finding the fish was easier than catching the fish. Here’s  a shot of the intrepid fisherman, Ben and my brother James, before they headed out. There’s  a funny story about my first time kayaking with my brother, but i’ll save that for another time.

7. Probably the most exciting thing of all, our new cockpit canvas was finished! We absolutely love it!

Navy perfection!

and in order for the new canvas to be installed I had to get handy with spanners and a screwdriver to take down our old lashed on canvas. The exercise was a great success with nothing lost over the side and no injuries to either myself or the boat. I’m very proud of this as it was my first real boat job, mostly I clean and keep the inside neat and livable. So it felt great to get outside and contribute something more substantial.  Stay tuned for my dinghy restoration project.

So many spanners to choose from!

 Let’s move onto the less good parts of April

1) Ben and I spent half the month fighting and recovering from a head cold. Our working theory is Ben caught it from taking public transport.  People cover your mouths and sanitize your hands, we don’t want your germs. But most of all if you’re sick, stay home from work. Before boat being sick wasn’t much fun, but since moving aboard being sick is a whole new kind of awful especially if you’re both sick. Two sick people in a confined space with none of the usual chores being done, drowning in drifts of tissues and piles of unwashed dishes. It’s enough to make you want to go home to Mum’s for hot chicken soup and cuddles.

If (1) is considered a complete cluster-whoopsie of a month and (10) is considered a month full of happiness, sunshine and success then I’d rate April  8/10.

How was your April?