February – A wet and rainy hell!

Posted in: End of Month Recap on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Another month has passed and what a month it was!

Personally i’m glad to see the back of it but i’d be even gladder if March wasn’t shaping up to be more of the same.

In all fairness though, it wasn’t all bad.  Here is the official review.

1.  Made approximately 26 morning cups of coffee for my hard working man and me.  He wakes to smell of freshly brewed coffee most mornings, I wake up earlier to the dolcet tones of an insane rooster (we really must  change the alarm sound). In case you’re wondering  Ben’s mug is the one that says ‘World’s Greatest Boyfriend’ on it! Yep, I bought that for him because he is!!

Much needed morning coffee!

2. Ben took us both clothes shopping, he bought me four nice new dresses. It wasn’t all sugar and spice and four dresses nice, he made me try them all on which involved running the gauntlet of changing room waiting lines, mean changing room mirrors that distort, and dress tags featuring sizes larger than I’m willing to admit that I need.

My four pretty new dresses and one new wallet.

3.  Taught myself to knit, for the third time. Here’s hoping the skill will actually stick this time round.  I started my practice project by casting on eight stitches and learnt garter, stockinette and ribbing plus how to add stitches.

Here is the start of my practice knitting project.

Here it is a week or two later, longer and wider and getting neater.

4. Started a new book and tried again to kick start a love affair with red wine.  I don’t think it’s going to take as i’m a scotch girl through and through.

Red wine and a good book = great way to spend the day!

5. Played dress ups with the cat in a fit of bored mischief making one night.  He wasn’t happy but he endured it like a trooper.

One cute and very unhappy kitty.

6. Watched the documentary ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ . We were so inspired we went out the next day and bought a juicer and heaps of fruit and veggies! Okay so we haven’t juiced as much as we planned and using the juicer is only an option will we’re living with shore power, but it’s a step in a healthier direction.

Our new juicer and lots of healthy stuff

Tomatoes, carrots and celery = yummy!

The finished juice.

7. Spent a couple of hours in various boating stores, the novelty of which has worn off, so I amused myself by taking pictures. Ben amused himself shopping up a storm, accumulator tank, life jackets, fenders, metal etch cleaner and rust preventing primer.  Me i’d still rather be shoe shopping.

Ropes ropes and more ropes

A wall of shining anchors.

As with good there is always bad

1) While January featured nature’s raw destructive power of Oswald, February has seen her wage a sustained campaign of constant dampness and disillusionment.  Brisbane received 250mm of rain over a period of 20 days, I’ve forgotten what sunny days feel like.

2) We were rudely awakened from our naivety regarding the cost of boat repairs having received two quotes for work we need done to Tygress.  Necessity has meant reevaluating what we want done and what we need done and what we can afford to have done.

3) Earlier in the month some idiot, and I use the term kindly as there are a lot more appropriate words I could use but for the sake of common decency won’t, backed into the Porsche…which we are trying to sell!

If (1) is considered a complete cluster-whoopsie of a month and (10) is considered a month full of happiness, sunshine and success then I’d rate February 5/10. Not a lot of sunshine means not a lot of happiness and financial shocks aren’t that fun either.

How was your February?



  1. Melissa White says:

    Personally I cannot imagine a time when i will enjoy boat stuff shopping the way I do shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is simply so much easier. Plus, I understand shoes in a way i fear I will never understand boat stuff. The number of choices in shoes does not overwhelm me the way the way it does when I stand in the sailboat hardware aisle. In the end, shoes are cheaper. I wonder if a de-humidifier would help on your boat. Constant damp=mildew=yuck! Do you have one?
    Melissa White recently posted…If You Believe in Fairies….Etc.My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Melissa,

      We haven’t considered the use of a de-humidifier, I will definitely look into it though.

      Shoes are just that much easier to understand than boating stuff. I don’t know what most of the stuff on the shelves of boating stores does thus I get bored very quickly and Ben ends up dragging around a 30yr old kid asking ‘are we done yet?’ ‘can we go home now?’ ‘my feet hurt!’ ‘there’s no where for me to sit’ ‘what’s this?’ – i’m a joy to take shopping haha!

  2. Jane Behr says:

    Poor Fluffy. He doesn’t deserve such indignity.

    • Sarah says:

      Very true Jane and on one hand I do feel a little bit bad for doing it to him. But then on the other hand I consider it a little bit of pay back for all the times he’s been underfoot at exactly the wrong moment nearly sending me a over t or dropped a smelly bomb just as I’ve gone to bed or sat down to eat my dinner.
      Just wait til I make him his little sailors outfit, he’s gonna love me then!

  3. Patti says:

    Enjoyed reading this post and getting a few giggles. I do not like red wine, try making Sangria, that I love. Kitty looks pretty darn cute!
    Patti recently posted…Meet the Author ~My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Patti
      Glad you enjoyed the post and got a few giggles, my mission has been successful! I must try this Sangria of which you speak, I love discovering new ways to enjoy alcohol (that makes me sound like I have a drinking problem)
      Kitty is pretty darn cute and the light of our lives, we quite unbiased-ly think he’s the best darn kitty in the whole world.

  4. Shoe Love: The Final Answer | Little Cunning Plan says:

    […] young blogging friend of mine down under in Australia recently posted about her February blues, including the fact that she would rather shop for shoes than shop for boat stuff. And that got me […]

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