January – where’d it go?

Posted in: End of Month Recap on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Every new year I think to myself  This year is going to go slower, i’m going to live more in the moment and it’s going to feel longer.

But each new year seems to go just as quick as the last year, if not quicker! And as if to prove my point we’re at the end of January already.

Here are some things I did in January.

1. Stacked and re-stacked the fridge about 30 times.

Perfectly packed!


2. Completed the Wynnum 10,000 steps challenge with only two huge blisters, some sunburn and complete exhaustion to show for it.


10,000 steps = 1 bloody long walk!


3. Found some rather sad and neglected looking boats in Wynnum creek, a place we call ‘the boat graveyard’…for obvious reasons.


A sad sight to see


Creative seating solution


4. Went to Bundaberg to join Ben’s family as they returned Pop home to the sea at one of his favourite fishing spots, Coonarr beach.

Pop returning home


5. Sweltered in hot, windless conditions,  during which the ships cat found some adorable positions to try and cool down.


The ships cat trying to sleep and cool down


6. Had a movie day, thanks to a supply of girlie movies from my Mum and a large bottle of home brew scotch from my Dad.


A girlie movie day


7. Ate a whole tub of ice cream, with Ben’s help of  course, well if truth be told he ate most of it.  But he had to, Tygress has no freezer and you can’t waste ice cream!


Ice cream treat.


8. Discovered some interesting new ways to enjoy Bundaberg rum, gotta say I loved the sarsaparilla and Bundy Red combo. My only complaint…the bottles aren’t big enough!


Discovering new ways to enjoy rum


There were of course a few unpleasant events as well

1. Ex tropical Cyclone Oswald came, destroyed and left

2. Found what we think is some rot in the cockpit plywood

If (1) is considered a complete cluster-whoopsie of a month and (10) is considered a month full of happiness, sunshine and success then I would rate January as a 6/10.  How was your January?

Bring on February!



  1. John Stannard says:

    Tygress ahoy,
    What a lovely inspiration to mess about in boats. Tough as some days seem, remember there are masses of people wishing for the space to choose freedom but for whatever reason not on your path. At least not yet.
    Not to self, must investigate this home brew scotch:)
    Hope you can keep up the blog. Agree January was a bottom of barrel month for things aquatic. If you can draw a six out of that lot, good things lie ahead. Cheers,

  2. Sarah says:

    Ahoy there John! Thanks for reading and commenting. I try to remind myself every day that I am lucky to be able to live the life that we do aboard Tygress. I remind myself that I’m one of the lucky few living the dream of many and in that way I almost have an obligation to enjoy it and get as much from it as possible. I think 6 is a pretty fair appraisal of January, we experienced mostly positive things, but Oswald was a pretty large negative (speaking of Oswald, did you come through it okay?). As for home brew, I highly recommend it, I find it a bit stronger than bought bottles and it causes less suffering the morning after!

  3. Melissa White says:

    Homebrew Scotch and girlie movies? Excellent! Love the idea for this post, and yes, those boats do look sad.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks Melissa! I felt January deserved a wrap up, i’m glad you liked it 🙂

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