What’s in a Name?

Posted in: Breaking Free on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

What’s in a name?

Names for people, places and things are definitive and have obvious, sometimes hidden and other times abstract meanings.

My parents gave me the name Sarah at the time of my birth, which has Hebrew origins.  Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac, her name was originally Sarai which meant ‘my princess’, but God later changed it to Sarah which simply means ‘princess’ (can you imagine the paperwork required for that?).

31 years ago Margaret and Geoff named their baby boy (now my tall, handsome skipper) Benjamin which is also of Hebrew origin and means ‘Son of the south’ or ‘Son of the right hand’.  In the bible, Benjamin was the brother of Joseph who happened to be the father of Jesus, a well connected name to have.

Our ships cat (whom it should be noted that we didn’t name) is called Fluffy (which we feel shows a lack of imagination), because he’s well, very fluffy. There is no deeper meaning than that, he’s Fluffy because he’s fluffy.

There are a lot of sailing blogs floating around the world wide web, most of which use the name of their vessel for the blog name.  We weren’t aware of this trend when were thinking of blog names and even if we were we didn’t own at boat at the time so it wasn’t an option.

From the time our plan was hatched I spent a further eight months cloistered in an office building cut off from the warmth of our mother sun and the bright blue sky.  Most of that time was spent day dreaming of the paradises and the beautiful shades of blue water we’d sail, with a bit of filing thrown in for good measure (after all that was what I was getting paid to do).

Between the hours of 9-5 I existed in a state of blue water dreaming, willing the fantasy to become reality, fantasising of an escape.

In a bland sea of government grey my cubicle became an oasis, with tropical beach pictures pinned to the walls that had  been made to look like those of a beach shack. Each day different exotic island destinations and sail boats set against brilliant sunsets became the background for my computer screen.  I scattered sea shells and other assorted beach themed curios around my desk and If I could’ve spread sand along the edges and in the corners I would’ve done that too.  The piece de resistance that completed the feel of faux beach heaven was a blue vase filled with frangipani flowers.

The dream table and all our stuff packed ready to go

The blue water dreaming didn’t stop at work, at home I created a dream table, a corner of our home that would be a visual reminder of what we were dreaming of, so we could see it and focus our energies on it while awake.  Seeing it every time I walked into the living room helped keep my spirits buoyed when we encountered setbacks particularly in our boat search.

I would sit in front of that table visualising – and here is where I may lose some people who don’t believe in positive thinking and sending out positive energies into the universe to get positive things in return, and no I haven’t read The Secret and I don’t have a wish board, but I have observed living proof of the rewards of positive thoughts and energies in the lives of those who believe.

So I would light the candles (often leaving skipper programming in the dark) and  spend hours focusing on a picture of a pristine white beach visualising the life we were going to build for ourselves free of city life stress, free of the weight of material possessions. A simpler life of self-determined freedom on the blue water.

Slowly the beauty of the dream table spread up the wall as more pictures and motivational quotes were added. It spread out to the adjoining bookshelf as I scoured book stores for any yachting related books I could get my hands on. And finally it spread out onto the floor as it became the packing station for everything that was coming with us on our adventure.  It became the heart of our home and the dream became the heart of our lives.

It seemed only natural then that our blog be called Blue Water Dreaming. Natural because for so long we’ve been dreaming of blue water and hopefully soon we’ll be able to cast off the dock lines and go out in search of it.


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