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Posted in: Featured, Photography on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I remember the day I bought my first camera, it was a Canon 350D with a silver body, it came with two lenses and I got whole 1gig CF card to go with it, bought from Rainer’s Camera house on Adelaide St for around $1,800.  That was over six years ago and it is (barring an incident of theft and generous replacement by my father) still the camera that I use today, although now it’s black not silver.

Many newer models and better lenses have been released and some of my friends are lucky enough to have them, but my trusty old 350D works beautifully, has all the features I need (and some still that I haven’t used) and has met my slowly changing needs well.

It’s been dropped a few times and probably endured more car heat than a camera should, it’s been carted from pillar to post, on straps, in bags, by hand; shoved into it’s case hundreds of times, operated while drunk, operated by many while drunk. It’s lived a tough life but it has lived well and served faithfully.

It’s the camera that has shot and recorded thousands of happy memories, birthdays, picnics and holidays with family, parties with friends, Christmas mornings and other special, all too rare occasions when families come together.  It is the camera that has documented (prolifically) the changing faces and smiles of our two beautiful nieces as they’ve grown just as it’s captured the furry cuteness of our beloved pet cat (when his sits still for the camera that is).

It has allowed me to share with others the things I’ve seen, to show the colours of places I’ve been and to reveal the hidden beauty, the different angle of the everyday that otherwise may go unnoticed.  It has allowed me to capture fleeting moments in time to be held and cherished through the years to come. It is the camera that has given me a foothold in the world of photography and has started me on the path to fulfilling a long held ambition of being a competent, if not accomplished photographer (renowned the world over might be asking a bit much, but hey, if it happens Great!!).

If you follow this blog you will know that wildlife photography is becoming a new passion of mine, as evidenced by the growing number of bird photos taken and I think I’m doing well to get the shots that I have with the lenses that I have.  Most of my wildlife photos are currently captured using a Canon 90-300mm zoom lens (and a good deal of luck) but ideally I’d love to use one of these, a Canon-EF-100-400mm, which is better suited to wildlife photography. I just know my photos would only get better and better with better equipment.  But for now I’ll hone my skills with the equipment that I have and be grateful for it.

The latest model Canon cameras are HD video capable (see video below) as well and very covetable, we’ve been in love with them since we saw what they could do, the quality of the video (especially when used with special mounts) is breathtaking.  One day hopefully you’ll be able to view videos on this blog that have been shot with a Canon HD camera and the colour and quality will impress you too.

I, like many others, am a creature of habits and routine and have become a loyal brand consumer over the years.  Canon was my first camera, and will most likely be the only brand of camera I ever use.

Old friends like my little canon camera are rare and hard to find, so I’ll be hanging dearly onto mine.



  1. Alan says:

    It’s not about the camera 🙂 The most important part of photography is the first 12 inches behind the lens.

  2. Sarah says:

    Agreed! Thanks for reading and commenting Alan 🙂

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