No trolleys…again!!

Posted in: Featured, Moving Aboard on Monday, December 26th, 2011
More stuff to move on board

As usual there were no trolleys in the bay when we needed them!

This is probably our second last load for the boat. Mostly it is linen, books (gotta have my books) and kitchenware or ‘Galleyware’ as it will be now known.  Also coming is our beloved stove top coffee maker, oodles of plastic containers for food storage (cardboard is a no-no), a mini food processor with low power requirements (Ben likes to get a little fancy in the kitchen so a few cookbooks and specialist culinary tools are in order) and lots of other bits and bobs I’ve been amassing in boxes.  It’s a surprisingly heavy load, getting it to the marina was no problem as we still have our Stagea station wagon (for sale soon if you know anyone looking for a great family car) but as usual when we got to the marina the trolley bay was empty.  My positive attitude waned a little at the prospect of lugging it all by hand to the boat. Even a relatively short 600m walk is off-putting in the summer heat let alone one where your being a pack mule.  I re-evaluated again the necessity of everything I’d packed.  But it had to be done, harden up love.

It was worse than expected.

By the time we’d made the three trips to the boat I was physically exhausted and Ben said I was worryingly red which was true.  I gave myself a bit of a shock when I caught sight of myself in the mirror.  As I was recovering in the breeze and shade of the cockpit what should walk past but a person with one of the distinctive black plastic trolleys!  And not 10 minutes later another one heading in the other direction.  Today I saw two people with four empty ones between them!

Despite how paranoid and crazy it sounds, i’m almost certain there is another, secret trolley bay that we haven’t been told about.  Maybe in a few more months we’ll be considered ‘one of them’ enough to be shown it’s hidden location.  There has to be one.  Because surely not everyone that uses the marina is the inconsiderate type to keep trolleys at their berths for private use.  Ben had a  laugh when he saw I was posting about the trolleys, but after the third carload of stuff you’ve had to lug by hand it’s quite easy to work up a good rant about it.

Getting worked up is a waste of time I suppose.  If I understand the principles of Murphy’s law correctly, by the time we’re finally finished moving stuff on board and have no need for trolleys, then there will be a bountiful supply of trolleys.  I’m sure I’ll be laughing (and hiding said trolleys) then.


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