Posted in: Breaking Free on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Today I think we may have found our boat. ‘Warlock’ is an Australian built Wright 11M, a beautiful vessel and one that appears to meet all our needs, especially that most important one, price.

We believe we may be able to talk the price down, but it is a bit sooner than we planned to be looking and buying.  This has driven us to research more immediate options.

So far tonight we’ve explored the possibility of semi-permanently mooring in the Brisbane River near the Botanical Gardens.  I am to visit the Dock Master next week to enquire further about mooring fees and what facilities are available.

Our other options include the East Coast Marina and the Moreton Bay Boat Club.  Initial research indicates that they could be very affordable  and just what we require for the first few months.

Because we face purchasing the boat much more quickly than anticipated, we have had to reconsider our sailing training program.

My task tomorrow is to enquire with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron about the possibility of receiving onboard training from a qualified instructor.  This will give us the benefit of learning to sail on our own vessel and getting to know ‘Warlock’ in the process.  This boat is going to be our home, the three (four if you count First Mate Fluffy) of us will need to work as a team and the sooner we build that relationship the more innate and natural it will become.


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