A Step Closer

Posted in: Breaking Free on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Today as planned, I phoned the RQYS (Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron) about the possibility of receiving on-board instruction on our own vessel.  I am relieved to report that it appears we can.  They have recommended that I contact ‘Southern Cross Yachting’, so that has been added to the agenda.

Tonight we shared our plans with friends for the first time, we let our excitement convey the passion and determination we feel.  A determination that has centred us, that has unified us and a determination that is shaping our future.

As expected, we have received only encouragement and support.  We feel so positive and positively giddy it’s hard to tell if we’re still grounded in reality or if we’re existing in some sort of dream state.  A state of blue water dreaming perhaps?

We were contacted yesterday by the man selling ‘Warlock’ and it appears he’s very keen to sell, we’re not sure though if he’ll accept a reduced offer. Before we think any further we’re still waiting for more photo’s to be sent.

We need to get a better idea of the galley and cockpit areas before we can make any realistic assessment of it’s suitability.  It’s just a matter now of dealing with my impatience until they arrive in my inbox.


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