A Step Back

Posted in: Breaking Free on Sunday, March 6th, 2011
The photos of ‘Warlock’ arrived today and heralded our first disappointment.  We realise this will be the first of many small disappointments and compromises between what we envision in our heads and what is realistically possible.  It won’t taint our excitement or our determination.  We will find our perfect boat, it is out there waiting for us as I write this.  (Ed’s note: six months later we found her)It is hard to define what exactly is wrong with ‘Warlock’.  We knew buying a second hand boat that it would not look all shiny and perfect but we at least expected it to be well, if not lovingly, maintained.‘Warlock’ looks like it hasn’t been used and enjoyed for a long time nor looked after very well in the meantime.  To be honest the owner’s keenness to sell didn’t sit comfortably with me. That coupled with ‘Warlocks’ obvious period of neglect raised concerns about the diligence and care the owner had taken with her maintenance in recent years. Or I could be reading too much into it, it could just be he really needs the money from the sale and despite some cosmetic imperfection the boat is totally seaworthy and sound.

Although the Captain was not happy with the size and layout of the cockpit either and flagged the possibility of changes being needed which would add extra costs to the project.  Something we really only want to consider in order to increase self sufficiency and roaming range i.e. installing solar panels, larger batteries or maybe improvements to the galley etc.

So ‘Warlock’ has been bumped back from fore-runner to the short list and our search continues. (Ed’s note: she never was considered again)


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