A Step Back

Posted in: Breaking Free on Sunday, March 6th, 2011
The photos of ‘Warlock’ arrived today and heralded our first disappointment.  We realise this will be the first of many small disappointments and compromises between what we envision in our heads and what is realistically possible.  It won’t taint our excitement or our determination.  We will find our perfect boat, it is out there waiting for us as I write this.  (Ed’s note: six months later we found her)It is hard to define what exactly is wrong with ‘Warlock’.  We knew buying a second hand boat that it would not look all shiny and perfect but we at least expected it to be well, if not lovingly, maintained.‘Warlock’ looks like it hasn’t been used and enjoyed for a long time nor looked after very well in the meantime.  To be honest the owner’s keenness to sell didn’t sit comfortably with me. That coupled with ‘Warlocks’ obvious period of neglect raised concerns about the diligence and care the owner had taken with her maintenance in recent years. Or I could be reading too much into it, it could just be he really needs the money from the sale and despite some cosmetic imperfection the boat is totally seaworthy and sound.

Although the Captain was not happy with the size and layout of the cockpit either and flagged the possibility of changes being needed which would add extra costs to the project.  Something we really only want to consider in order to increase self sufficiency and roaming range i.e. installing solar panels, larger batteries or maybe improvements to the galley etc.

So ‘Warlock’ has been bumped back from fore-runner to the short list and our search continues. (Ed’s note: she never was considered again)


A Step Closer

Posted in: Breaking Free on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Today as planned, I phoned the RQYS (Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron) about the possibility of receiving on-board instruction on our own vessel.  I am relieved to report that it appears we can.  They have recommended that I contact ‘Southern Cross Yachting’, so that has been added to the agenda.

Tonight we shared our plans with friends for the first time, we let our excitement convey the passion and determination we feel.  A determination that has centred us, that has unified us and a determination that is shaping our future.

As expected, we have received only encouragement and support.  We feel so positive and positively giddy it’s hard to tell if we’re still grounded in reality or if we’re existing in some sort of dream state.  A state of blue water dreaming perhaps?

We were contacted yesterday by the man selling ‘Warlock’ and it appears he’s very keen to sell, we’re not sure though if he’ll accept a reduced offer. Before we think any further we’re still waiting for more photo’s to be sent.

We need to get a better idea of the galley and cockpit areas before we can make any realistic assessment of it’s suitability.  It’s just a matter now of dealing with my impatience until they arrive in my inbox.



Posted in: Breaking Free on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Today I think we may have found our boat. ‘Warlock’ is an Australian built Wright 11M, a beautiful vessel and one that appears to meet all our needs, especially that most important one, price.

We believe we may be able to talk the price down, but it is a bit sooner than we planned to be looking and buying.  This has driven us to research more immediate options.

So far tonight we’ve explored the possibility of semi-permanently mooring in the Brisbane River near the Botanical Gardens.  I am to visit the Dock Master next week to enquire further about mooring fees and what facilities are available.

Our other options include the East Coast Marina and the Moreton Bay Boat Club.  Initial research indicates that they could be very affordable  and just what we require for the first few months.

Because we face purchasing the boat much more quickly than anticipated, we have had to reconsider our sailing training program.

My task tomorrow is to enquire with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron about the possibility of receiving onboard training from a qualified instructor.  This will give us the benefit of learning to sail on our own vessel and getting to know ‘Warlock’ in the process.  This boat is going to be our home, the three (four if you count First Mate Fluffy) of us will need to work as a team and the sooner we build that relationship the more innate and natural it will become.


A plan is hatched…

Posted in: Breaking Free on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Yesterday the course of our lives changed.  A magical new expanse of horizon opened up in our future.  A horizon filled with sparkling blue waters, pure white sand, white sails and shared adventures.

Being made redundant late 2010 gave my partner Ben time to think, time to reflect on his future and where it was heading.  He doesn’t want life to return to what it was; the pointless grinding rat race, the traffic, the stress, the unfulfilled feeling  that lingers at the end of each day.  He doesn’t want our lives to become that.

So we’re jumping off the hamster wheel.  We’re breaking free! We’ll we’re going to give it our best shot.

Our bold escape will take careful planning, lots of research and intensive training.  But it’s bloody exciting.  We’re excited about our future in ways i’ve never experienced and I”m sure Ben hasn’t either.  It’s just so damn bright, sunny and blue.

People will say we’re crazy, small minds will try and bring us down and tie us to small lives.  But i’ve got news for them.

The only opinions we care about are each others and those of our family and friends.  It’s from them that we’ll get all the love and support we’ll need to keep our dream afloat.  We have always strived to do the right thing by other people, so why not for ourselves this time when it feels so right.

At the end of the day, succeed of fail, we can sit back proud in the knowledge that at least we gave it our best shot.  Which is all anyone can do, right?